TUESDAY AUGUST 11TH 2020, COPENHAGEN: ​NYNNE presents ​Walking Soft Sculpture​ . The brands debut on-schedule  digital show as a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week with their first fashion film.

  Nynne Kunde’s Scandinavian roots play a significant part in each of her designs. Yet for Spring Summer 2021 her signature lean  minimalistic  lines  are  complimented  with  the  vibrant  colours  and  details  synonymous with London’s cosmopolitan  energy, where NYNNE’s studio was previously located. These two much adored cities balance each other out with their distinctive styles and ambience, proving the perfect inspiration for Kunde. 

Continuing on from previous seasons, the NYNNE Spring Summer 2021 collection revolves around female empowerment. The  collection  is  a  celebration  of  the  soft  beauty  of  women  and  the  power  in  gentle  expression.  The  colour  palette  encapsulates the feel of a Danish Summer, moving between the pulsating life in the city to slow weekends in the countryside.  Sunflower  yellow  and  azure  blue  colours  are  balanced  with  white,  beige and black whilst the prints of the  season take you to the seaside. Depicting soft waves, marks in the sand and the colour changes of the sea. Inspiration for the  silhouettes  has  been drawn from the contemporary art scene, especially installation art with elegant shapes such as  tinker bell sleeves and the NYNNE trademark gathering offering a dramatic take on contemporary cuts. Each silhouette is perfectly  fitted  to  flatter  a  woman’s figure, whilst the brand’s highly coveted Diana dress is re-created for Summer as a  jumpsuit.

The label’s brand philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power and NYNNE  aims to uplift the everyday  wardrobe of women globally through glamorous yet pragmatic clothing meant to amplify confidence. NYNNE maintains a truly global sentiment and by encouraging women of every demographic to transcend the endless flow of superfluous and short-term trends with individual stand-out combinations.