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AW21 Women Portrait Series

Fatima Fransson

Is our first woman in our portrait series “Women for Women”. Based in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, Fatima expresses her artistic view through Furniture and Set Design.

Only graduating recently from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Fatima has created an impressive and inspiring career showing us her amazingly creative approach to set design which makes her stand out from the crowd. Her distinctive use of shape and colour shows a special point of view which is solely hers.

We admire Fatima for her drive to create and abilities to find her own path and signature identity in a field where men are heavy represented.

Simone Skouby

Is our second woman in our portrait series “Women for Women”. Simone is based in Copenhagen working as a Data Analytics Architect at Lundbeck, where she creates digital solutions for the global company.

Simone works as a link between medical business and IT, developing innovative ways of understanding data and how to use it. Simone advocates for a more diverse workplace with more women in tech positions.

We admire Simone for her incredible work drive to achieve her own personal goals, her wish to engage more women in her field, and admirable enthusiasm about the career she has made for herself.

Female Invest.

Anna, Emma and Camilla are our next group in our portrait series "Women for Women".

These incredible women sharing their passion for investment, have helped over 25.000 women starting investing worldwide. Female Invest is on Forbes list of Europe’s 30 most influential people in finance under the age of 30, as the only women in Denmark.

We admire Female Invest for their drive to make investing accessible and creating a community for women to take charge of their own finances, fighting for financial equality.

Sofie Flykt

Is our 4th woman in our portrait series "Women for Women".

Sofie is one of the few female stand up comedians in Denmark standing out with her admirable honest and direct storytelling on womanhood.

Sofies talents are many, tv host, copy writer and hosting a podcast with her boyfriend just to mention a few of them. But first and foremost Sofie is a comedian, expressing the battle being one of the few women in her industry, under constant pressure trying to find her place.

We admire Sofie for sharing her way of life both good and bad while making people laugh. Sharing how it is to be a woman in a field dominated by men, and at the same time being her charming and bubbly self.

Nanna Kunde

Nanna has a masters degree from Copenhagen Business School in international Marketing and Management and are now a associate consultant at Kunde & Co. 

Beside Nanna’s analytical marketing skills she is also my wonderful sister. Nanna has been my rock and constant support system since I started the brand in 2018 and continues to be so in every aspect.
I admire how Nanna stays true to who she is in everything she does, and how she is selfless in her care for people she surrounds herself with. She is an amazing person and one of a kind, thank you Nanna for taking part in this project and your sisterhood.

Eva Hougaard Lauridsen

Eva at a age of 87 years old has been exploring her creative side being part of her grandchild @simonesteenberg projects and modelled for her work and are now part of NYNNE as well.

We admire Eva for her positivity and will to explore new ways in this case as a model with a admirable energy and gumption. It takes a certain mindset especially during these times to challenge yourself and want to be part of a project like this, and for that I thank you so much Eva.

Josefine Vilhom Vibe

Is our 9th woman in our portrait series “Women for Women”. Josefine is a Data Ethics Specialist with the Danish Business Authority.

Besides this Josefine is also a model for several years  and now also a fulltime mum to Rose. Josefine is a first time mum with two jobs which keeps her busy, but still have time to be her smiling and bubbly self around others.

We admire Josefine for her ability to balance family, career and own interest. She is a shining example that women can have it all. That you dont need to choose one path but can have both.


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