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At NYNNE we aim to implement sustainability throughout our operations. The initiatives we have taken so far include: 

We try to source the best possible quality fabrics for long lasting pieces. For a young brand it is sometimes challenging to get the contacts and reach the minimums to access sustainable qualities. We believe it is a work in progress and each season we are getting a step closer to a fully sustainable sourcing. For AW21 we are proud to say that 60% of all the fabrics used for the collection are recycled or are certified sustainable. For instance, we are using two technical fabrics made out of recycled polyester as well as three of our wools are recycled and certified. We do use leather and sheep shearling fur in our collections. However, all leather and shearling furs that we use are a by-product of the meat industry. Natural leather skins have the unique characteristic to keep the quality and even look nicer with time. We strongly believe and hope that our client investing into a leather or shearling piece will keep it for many years, potentially passing it on to their children.

We work with small, independent and most of the time family-run manufacturers across Europe who all take pride in their craftsmanship. We have strong connections with all our production sites and visit regularly. Our manufacturing partners all adhere to ethical wage and working conditions.

In order to minimise the movement of goods we source majority of materials within Europe, mainly from the UK and Italy, with the exception of a few tech fabrics from South Korea. We produce all our products within Europe making the distance the material travel from the mill to the manufacturer shorter. We quality check most of our production at the production site and ship directly to stores from there in order to minimise shipments and airtime. 

Overproduction is one of the most polluting elements of the fashion industry. Being left with dead stock is a waste of both physical material and craftsmanship. At NYNNE we have a zero-waste strategy when it comes to our private channels. We sell the majority of our collection by having the costumer pre-order the pieces prior to production, which enables us to produce precisely what has been ordered and forecast which styles will be most popular, and therefore running little risk of overproducing and sitting on dead stock.

Another goal we aim to achieve with the pre-order system, is a change of mentality regarding consumer behaviour. We would like people to shift from an impulsive trend-based shopping behaviour to a more stable future way of investing in your wardrobe. By having a 6-month waiting time between the purchase and delivery we are encouraging consumers to buy in a more conscious and durable way. We believe you should buy a garment because you want it to be a part of your long-term wardrobe. By pre-ordering, you don’t just buy a piece because you want it now, but you are committing to a piece of clothing, that is true to your style, and will follow you long term. 

We strive to educate our consumer and represent a culture of buying less but buying better. Aiming to minimise the amount of clothes being forgotten in the wardrobe or sent to landfill. We strive to make high quality, long lasting, timeless pieces that can be worn again and again across seasons. We encourage our customers to rethink how they buy and wear clothes. Different styling options and future altering of pieces are thought into the design process; a seam line across a leather skirt to make it possible to shorten it once the owner has become tired of the length or a reversible shearling jacket for two completely different looks is the future for sustainable fashion.    

Our signature piece, the Diana dress, is representative for our way of designing. We create pieces that are meant to be worn in the most versatile way possible, giving the costumer the chance to dress up and down a garment, wearing it to casual and formal occasions. The Diana dress is appropriate for the office as well as a wedding or a walk in the park. With this mindset, we envision our client to have a smaller wardrobe and to buy less, since there is no need to have a piece for each occasion anymore. We stand by the belief that buying less and smarter is one of the most powerful changes that one can do for the environment.

We try to minimise the amount of packaging that we use and ensure that the packaging we do use is as sustainable as possible: Our jewellery boxes are made from recycled fibres and are recyclable. We ship our products on metal hangers rather than plastic and our garment covers are biodegradable.


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